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What is African Women Today?

African Women Today is all about sharing your experience as a young woman living abroad and the many complicated stories that comes with it. We want to learn about the lessons you have learned, inspiration stories, hard truths and more!

We are interested in knowing how your skin is so clear, do you date other Africans or not, did you choose to be a ‘creative’ instead of going into STEM, did you decide to start your own business or do you choose to do community work? We want to hear all of those stories and much more! We even want to know what you are listening to or shows you’re loving!


We are we looking for?

We are looking for essays, we do not accept fictional stories. We want interviews, and essays about life experiences. We want opinions on what you think about the world. We want to know about beauty and fashion, we want to hear about your experience being the first in your family to go to college in America or how the post-college experience is going, we want to know about your biggest dating blunders, dating advice, we want to know about religion and family. We want to start discussions!



  • 400-600 words for an editorial and 600-1,000 for a personal essay
  • Make sure it hasn’t been written about already, we want fresh new topics
  • We allow anonymous submissions
  • Please make sure to let us know your name, age and country

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