Esther Areola Got Pregnant At 17 — Now She is A Travel Influencer and A College Graduate

In a Youtube video, Esther recounts her pregnancy story. At just seventeen Esther found herself pregnant. After a trip to Nigeria visiting her boyfriend of two years, Esther returned to London and soon fell ill, she wasn’t sure why because she had previously taken a morning-after pill. Her friend convinced her to take a pregnancy test and it came out positive. Immediately Esther fell worried about the baby because she remembered she had consumed alcohol a few days earlier.

When she told her older sister she was pregnant and keeping it, her sister couldn’t believe it. Soon, she told her other sisters and they arranged a date to tell her parents.

Esther sat close to the door because she feared what her mom’s reaction would be; Esther’s sister announced that one of them is pregnant and the room fell silent. Esther’s heart drop, her mom’s reaction was “who is the father” and when Esther said it was her long-term boyfriend, her mother already knew.

Next, she had to tell the parents of her boyfriend, they lived all the way in Nigeria so it was a process. His mother didn’t take it well. His parents immediately cried and prayed to God wondering would Esther be able to continue her education and wondering if Esther would have a good life. She was very worried. Esther reassured her that she is okay and was still attending college. Esther took it in stride, she didn’t hide.

In Nigerian culture when a girl is pregnant young, the family usually hides the girl or marry her off quickly so she doesn’t look like a girl who has gotten pregnant and doing nothing with her life.

Esther’s parents wanted her to get married to the father of the baby but she quickly declined because she felt like she wasn’t ready to be anyone’s wife.  When it was time to give birth, Esther didn’t expect it, the baby was supposed to come April 26th but her son came on April 6th. She fell into labor while setting up the room for the baby but she didn’t realize she was in labor, she just knew she was in a lot of pain. She finally had her baby after a long journey. After she had her baby, it was difficult, she was fired from her job and looked at as ‘the girl with the baby’.

Esther has found a balance and how to manage it all, she rose to stardom with her Youtube channel that has over 171,000 subcribers and her Instagram (@estaregrams) has over 162,000 followers.

She travels the world and in 2014 she got her degree in Creative Direction for Fashion from London College of Fashion. Her son is now 10 years old and very energetic!

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