I’m An African Who Grew Up in America And It Wasn’t Easy

Growing up African in American isn’t really that easy as the way some of our African parents perceive it to be, it has its own challenges. I moved here when I was fifteen years old and honestly, it was hard to adapt to a lot of stuff, I lived in a small town where most of the people were close-minded, I was always asked ignorant questions about my country and m continent.

Most of my high school days were spent trying to educate my classmates about my culture but most of them would still tease me and make the old ignorant jokes about Africa, and sometimes I had to remind my teachers about how Africa was not really a country.

Growing up African in the United States is having stricter parents, African parents who live abroad tend to be stricter on their kids because they feel like if they are not strict on their kids they might end up in the wrong directions or they might not be able to achieve their goals.

But African parents tend to be harsher on girls than the boys, which is not fair because they hold girls accountable for a lot of stuff.

Mental Health is rarely discussed among African communities due to the stigmatizing attitudes towards people with mental health problem. The negative views about mental health problems in the African community should change, people should be able to openly discuss about their mental health problems.  As a community we should raise awareness about mental health stigma and how it affects people who suffer from mental health problems.

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Diana Adi
Diana Adi is a Junior Global Studies major and Legal Studies minor at Texas Tech University. She was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. She moved to South Carolina when she was fifteen years and I currently resides there. Shelove travelling and listening to music.

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